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Serveur basé sur Ubuntu EBOX GNU/Linux

mercredi 31 mars 2010, par gepeto

En cours

Déja , partons de quelques articles qui en parle :
- Le site d’EBOX
- La page d’installation sur le site d’EBOX
- Celle la en français Installation d’EBOX sur Ubuntu
- La pagePPA pour Ubuntu intrepid

Les possibilités d’EBOX

eBox 1.0 (stable) de overview


  • Firewall and Routing
    • Filtering
    • NAT and Port Redirections
    • Multi-gateway support and Load Balancing
    • Traffic Shaping (L7-filter support)
    • Graphical traffic rate monitoring
    • Network configuration
      # DHCP Server
      # NTP Server
  • VPN support (OpenVPN)
  • Domain Name Server (DNS)
  • Web Proxy
    • Internet cache
    • Content Filtering
  • Mail Server
    • Virtual Domains
    • POP3 and IMAP with SSL/TLS
    • Spam and Antivirus Filtering
      # Greylisting
      # Custom Filtering
    • Transparent POP3 Proxy Filter
  • Instant Messaging Server (Jabber/XMMP)
  • Web Server
    • Virtual Hosts
  • Certificate Authority


  • Centralized Users and Groups Management
    • Windows PDC support
  • Network resource sharing
    • File Server
    • Print Server
  • eGroupware : Calendar sharing, Address Book, Webmail, Wiki, etc.
  • Dashboard for centralized service information
  • Disk usage and RAID status
  • Summarized and full system reports
  • Event notification via email, RSS or Jabber

Software updates

Backups (full and configuration only)

Control center to easily deploy and administrate several machines running eBox